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The New Philanthropists

Szerző: Charles and Elizabeth HANDY
Kiadó: Random House - 2007
In this remarkable and inspiring book, the eminent management writer Charles Handy and his wife Elisabeth, a portrait photographer, have collaborated to portray a new generation of partical philantropists, men and women who have made their own fortunes and decided to move on from financial success to try to help those in need. They are doing so not simply by giving their money away to charities and agencies but be helping actively, working on the spot with the very people who need their aid, ensuring that the initiatives are sustaunable in the longer term.

Ár [bruttó]: 7490,- Ft
Akciós ár [bruttó]: 1490,- Ft

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Gábor Bojár: The GRAPHISOFT Story

  • Translated from Graphi-sztori, 2005
  • ISBN 978-963-87544-6-2
  • 312 Pages

Kiadás száma: 1
Gábor Bojár, Chairman, co-founded Graphisoft in 1982. Under his management, Graphisoft became not just the most successful multinational software firm based in Eastern Europe, but also one of the largest architectural CAD companies in the world on personal computers. It all started with a pocket calculator and what he calls „the Hungarian tradition of substituting missing computing power with software brain power". The three-dimensional modeling program he created by exploiting the power of a calculator became the core technology for Graphisoft's flagship product, ArchiCAD, now used by more than 140.000 architects and builders worldwide, and distributed in 80 countries and languages.

Ár [bruttó]: 9990,- Ft

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The Manager's Book of Checklists

Szerző: Derek Rowntree
Kiadó: Pearson - 2006
Kiadás száma: 3
As a frontline manager, there's a lot to remember and even more to do. Sometimes you want a quick and easy reminder of the essentials on a particular topic, so you know you've covered all the bases. Then you can be sure you're doing the right thing, at the right time and being effective and efficient. The Manager's Book of Checklists is that essential quick reference. It will help you to be more systematic, to consider all angles of the situation and to be a better, smarter manager. New to this edition are checklists on coaching and performance management. These join all the lists in classic areas such as finance, customer service, people and operations.

Ár [bruttó]: 7991,- Ft
Akciós ár [bruttó]: 1990,- Ft

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The Seven Cs of Coaching

Szerző: Mick Cope
Kiadó: Pearson - 2004
Kiadás száma: 1
The Seven Cs of Coaching is carefully designed to offer a collaborative framework that will help ensure old patterns of behaviour are broken, and new ones are formed - and maintained. Through building trust, giving feedback, challenging perceptions, highlighting limiting beliefs and surfacing shadows the coach is able to cut the rubber band that pulls the client in the unwanted direction. Then using techniques such as directional setting, creativity tools, rich measures, choice management and planned withdrawal processes, the coach can help the client lock in the new pattern of behaviour.

Ár [bruttó]: 8990,- Ft
Akciós ár [bruttó]: 2490,- Ft

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The Seven Cs of Consulting

Szerző: Mick Cope
Kiadó: Pearson - 2003
Kiadás száma: 2
"Any consultant aiming to survive and succeed in a competitive world needs to have a clear and concise change model to hand; one that can guarentee delivery of a wide range of change projects.Based around the author's 7C's model - client, clarify, create, change, confirm, continue, close - this book offers both budding and experienced consultants a solid framework to enable them to manage any consultancy assignment. With the help of the crib notes on the pull-out back pocket guide, the 7 C's model will show you how to improve your professionalism, and deliver clear and demonstrable results to clients, bringing them back for more."

Ár [bruttó]: 8990,- Ft
Akciós ár [bruttó]: 2490,- Ft

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