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Legsikeresebb vezetési modellek - javított kiadás

ISBN13: 9789639912113

Oldalszám: 228
Méretek: 20mm x 235mm x 158mm
Kiadó: Manager Könyvkiadó Kft. - 2009
Kiadás száma: 1
Ár: 5900 Ft    Akciós ár: 2490 Ft


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Management models – love them or hate them, they're at the heart of management thinking and practice. They have two main purposes. The first is to provide a framework for improving business performance. The second is to help managers and management consultants get away with murder by intimidating the uninitiated with buzzwords and acronyms. Key Management Models takes the reader through each of these essential management tools in a clear, structured and practical way by answering the following key questions:                                                                 • What’s the big idea?
• When do I use it?
• In the final analysis, is it any good?
From essential management tools like kaizen, overhead value analysis and benchmarking, to models developed by Gods of management thinking like Belbin, Handy, Kotter and Mintzberg, you'll find dozens of new ways to improve your business and from now on you’ll never have to admit you don't know your way around risk reward analysis.                                                                                                                                          Contents
1. Activity based costing
2. Adizes' paei management roles
3. Ansoff's product/market grid
4. Balanced scorecard
5. The BCG matrix
6. Belbin's team roles
7. Benchmarking
8. Business process redesign
9. Capability maturity model
10. Change quadrants
11. Chaos model
12. Competitive analysis: Porter's five forces
13. Compliance typology
14. Competing values of organizational effectiveness
15. Core competencies
16. Covey's seven habits of highly effective people
17. Customer marketing and relationship management
18. The Demming cycle
19. The EFQM model
20. Eisenhower's effective time management
21. Four competencies of the learning organization
22. Generic competitive strategies
23. Greiner's growth model
24. Handy's Gods of management
25. Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions
26. Just-in-time
27. Kaizen
28. Kay's distinctive capabilities
29. Krajlic's purchasing model
30. Kotter's eight phases of change
31. MABA analysis
32. Malcolm Baldridge award
33. 7-S Framework
34. Mintzberg's Configurations
35. Nolan's IT growth stages
36. Offman's core quadrants
37. Overhead value analysis
38. Parenting advantage
39. Production models
40. Risk award analysis
41. Schools of strategy synthesis
42. Seven forces model
43. Simon's levels of control
44. Sociological organization
45. SWOT analysis
46. The fifth discipline
47. The neurotic organization
48. Value chain
49. Value disciplines
•  Solid core management thinking in ultra-practical, user-friendly format
•  Part of the successful 'Key Management' series
•  Hits the 'I don't want to look dumb in front of my colleagues or boss' buy button
Steven Ten Have is the Vice Chairman of the board of directors of Berenschot, a leading European management consultancy.

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