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The New Philanthropists

Szerző: Charles and Elizabeth HANDY

ISBN13: 9780434017096

Oldalszám: 200

Kiadó: Random House - 2007
Ár: 7490 Ft    Akciós ár: 1490 Ft


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In this remarkable and inspiring book, the eminent management writer Charles Handy and his wife Elisabeth, a portrait photographer, have collaborated to portray a new generation of partical philantropists, men and women who have made their own fortunes and decided to move on from financial success to try to help those in need. They are doing so not simply by giving their money away to charities and agencies but be helping actively, working on the spot with the very people who need their aid, ensuring that the initiatives are sustaunable in the longer term.

As in their acclaimed The New Alchemists, the Handys have both interviewed and photographed their subjects in order to tell their inspiring stories; from the Sydney restaurateur Jeff Gambin, who personally helps to ccok hot and cold menus for homeless people every night and serves up 1500 dinners at Christmas; to Nial Mellon, a young Irish property developer who is replacing the shacks with breeze-block homes in a South African township; and Sara Davenport, who sold her art gallery and set up the breast-cancer care centre the Haven Trust to offer integrated and jolistic treatment and support.

This striking book of words and photographs reveals the energy and inspiration of these new ways of using wealt, revealing the motivations and satisfactions of such direct action.

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Nincs kurbli az innovációhoz, de lehet növelni a »heuréka« pillanat esélyét.

Tom Peters

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