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The Empty Raincoat

Szerző: Charles HANDY

ISBN13: 9780099301257

Oldalszám: 288

Kiadó: Random House - 2002
Ár: 4990 Ft    Akciós ár: 1490 Ft


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"The empty raincoat is to me, the symbol of our most pressing paradox. If economic progress means that we become anonymous cogs in some great machine, then progress is an empty promise. The challange must be to show how paradox can be managed." - from The Empty Raincoat

In this extraordinary, life-affirming book, Charles Handy reaches for a philosophy beyond the impersonal mechanics of business organizations, and beyond material choices. He presents a powerful alternative vision, where life and work are regrounded in a natural sense of continuity, connesction and purposeful direction.

"If you are part of, think about, care about or care in any way influenced by the world of work, and who is not, this powerful and moving book is for you." Sir Graham Day - FINANCIAL TIMES

"A necessary and important contribution to our understanding of the way we live now." Hamish McRae - DIRECTOR MAGAZINE

Charles Handy is a writer and broadcaster, whose books have sold over one million copies around the world.

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